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We Took Off and Touched the Sky!

We know, we know… You must be wondering why you’re receiving this edm. Well truth be told, we’ve been working on a few new projects from different industries and we’re just excited to let you in on it! One of them happens to be,

SITAONAIR – Air Travel Industry’s Connected Aircraft Expert.

Check out what we’ve done for them so far!


With the launch of SITAONAIR’s new line of products – eWAS, AIRCOM® FlightTracker and CrewTab, our objective was to create top of the funnel awareness through assets such as ads, microsites, battlecards, edms etc. Trust us when we say it’s definitely a lot easier said than done, but thankfully we’ve got 20 years of experience!

Starting from scratch, we identified the key target audiences and crafted a conversation path for each of them consisting of different pain points, benefits and reasons to believe. Basically this process strengthens the assets. It gives them greater resonance and relevance which as we all know, is key when it comes to marketing and advertising. Think that’s all to it? Not quite!

Moving on to content! The content for each asset is dependent on the different stages of the customer journey – awareness, consideration and decision. We mapped each asset to each stage with relevant contents. In the end, we fulfilled every stage of the customer journey, enhancing the overall marketing process.


SITAONAIR launched GX aviation, an upgraded inflight broadband connection. This service/software was to be integrated in SIA’s re-configured A380 aircraft. As such, SITAONAIR was invited to promote GX aviation at SIA’s launch event. This is where we fly in! SITAONAIR engaged us to develop creative concepts to be given away to media personnel, VIPs and Solitaire PPS club members (SIA’s highest ranking, premium customers).

Our concept revolved around an interactive kit that encapsulates and showcases the benefits of GX aviation. When opened, the kit reveals high-rise buildings, which illuminates to form the shape of an A380 airplane when the switch is pressed. The theme behind our idea explains GX aviation’s main call-out, which is the transference of digital life from the ground to the air with superior Wi-Fi connectivity. Inclusive of a fun, info graphic brochure, we successfully market GX aviation in a unique and innovative manner.

So that’s just a few of the many projects we’ve been busy with.
If you like what you just read, feel free to contact us!
We’re always up for new, exciting challenges!

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