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A New Adventure Every Year!

We’re all about marketing campaigns. Whether it’s B2C or B2B focused, we’ve got the experience and expertise required!
For this particular marketing campaign, we’re excited to share with you how we collaborated with our client

Cisco, worldwide leader in IT and networking, for their B2B partner incentive programme.



Cisco introduced this partner incentive programme to encourage their partners to boost sales figures by selling selected Cisco products and services. Ultimately, partners with the most sales figures are rewarded with an all-expenses-paid overseas trip.

The Objective 
Our goal was to start the hype and to keep Cisco’s partners interested and engaged throughout the entire programme. Once the programme mechanics were disseminated to us from Cisco, we were required to understand the information and convert it into enticing marketing contents to be adapted across different assets throughout the entire programme period.

The Execution
To kick-start the programme, one of the key focuses was to develop a key visual and headline to anchor the entire programme. This would be applied across different marketing assets including edms, microsites, social tiles, banners etc. from Q1 to Q4. Zooming in on the theme of ‘sales achievements’ and incorporating aspects of the tour destinations into the key visual and messaging, we developed inspiring, invigorating and powerful concepts to not just start the hype but to also retain partners’ excitement. Through these marketing assets that were consistently pushed out at scheduled periods during the programme, partners were kept in the loop, and participation levels remained high. These assets were localised and extensively used across the APJ region.



Cisco’s not the only client we’ve collaborated with when it comes to B2B channel marketing. Well versed in this field, we’ve worked alongside Motorola Solutions and Intel on similar projects as well!



So these are just some of the B2B channel marketing projects we’ve done.
If you like what you just read and require someone reliable to support you in the programmes you’re managing, feel free to contact us! We’re always up for exciting, new challenges!


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