Product Range Website
“The Scotch Family”


The expansive collection of Scotch® products made it a challenge for consumers to familiarize with the brand and its products. Thus, the task was to build a better association between the consumers and the products.


This was achieved by linking the products’ usage to certain personalities. We created a website that featured a “Scotch Family”. Each member within this Family embodies a different personality, and we illustrated different reasons why they would use the 3M Scotch® products.


The home page featured the Family inside a house, and when you click on each member, you would see him or her doing activities using the product. The activity is closely linked to his or her personality. For example, Dad is doing garage work, and the son is doing crafts. We created fun and quirky appeal by using “big heads”. Achieved by simply shooting the talents’ faces, this approach not only help in saving costs, but also created room for flexible ideas.