Intel Category Segmentation Style Guide


In another step to make lives easier for their customers and partners, Intel launched an initiative to clearly segment their retail spaces. Their intent was to allow customers to easily identify within the shop where the products are and what machine best suit them, and resellers will also have clarity where their products will sit.


There will be two types of category segmentation: based on performance, or the type of users. With this, we wanted to create a style guide that was intuitive, easy to read, and engages the reader. Presentation is key in the guide, and the reader must be able to seamlessly understand the new segmentations within Intel’s retail spaces.


Each segmentation is tied to a set of tiers, from the good-better-best ranking to the field trees that’s grouped in terms of visibility and interactivity. Every page is a conscious effort to detail each segmentation clearly, while retaining substantial visual polish to make the read as pleasant as possible.