Cisco Sales Challenge


The Cisco Sales Challenge is a vehicle used to push Cisco Partners to drive up their sales. With an exciting trip and bonus points as incentives, the objective was to play up these rewards, and motivate Partners to achieve even more sales.


We wanted fast, thrilling, and adrenalin-pumping – these are the visual cues to stir Partners and entice them to participate. The incentives held their own weight with a trip to Prague; therefore we wanted to centre our visual design on the prestigious locations.


Set on the backdrop of Prague-esque architecture, we showed a pair of legs leaping from one roof to another – a parkour artist. This expressed energy and exuberance, with the daring to achieve higher goals. On top of being an interesting visual, audiences will be triggered with the right emotion and aspiration when they see the backdrop of the grand prize – the enchanting city of Prague.