Dell Coaster Direct Mailer


The objective: to remind and educate consumers about the strengths of Dell’s UltraSharp™ U2711 27”W Monitor. The place: the internationally-renowned and prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas.


The constant shuffling of foot traffic in CES called for a need to deliver something handy, functional, and memorable. With the coaster set, we were able to give visitors something to take home, thus leaving a piece of marketing real estate in their hands all the way from the exhibition to their homes.


Housed in a cost-effective and compact 14cm x 14cm magnetic-lid case, each coaster is intricately designed to boast about the UltraSharp™ U2711 27”W Monitor’s WQHD resolution, billion-colour depth, and IPS technology. A thumbdrive is included to elaborate more details. The mysterious black case serves as a prelude to the explosion of vivid colours sealed within, and the coasters displayed aesthetic value to inspire use.

Product Marketing