20th Year Channel Promotions
“20 Years in the Making”


With the intent to reach out to the enthusiast market, Intel took to leveraging on the momentum created by Intel Pentium’s 20th Anniversary in order to generate demand within the enthusiast sector, subsequently driving product sales. We were to push out to resellers Intel’s latest graphics chips, which are now enhanced with Over-clocking ability (unavailable in previous iterations), and are also priced affordably. Additionally, the project involved collaborating with other entities, including communicating promotions for Intel’s 730 series of SSD.


Drawing on the refined demands of the common enthusiast, we branded the new graphics chips with Devil’s Canyon, a signature icon that represents high-performance and power. To generate traffic and attention, we created engaging contests and incentives that will drive resellers to quickly make orders for the chips. On top of the grand prize of 20,000 Intel Technology Provider (Channel Partner) Points, participants competed to win Limited Edition Gift Sets, featuring items such as T-shirts and bags that bear the Devil’s Canyon’s logo. These gifts in turn extended the range of our messages, and created a physical presence when the recipients are using these items.


We launched a series of eDMs that is timed to a periodical flow, thus creating a process of engagement via a digital route. The goal is to spread the message about the “Sales Hero Program” where resellers are called on to clock in orders for the featured chips. The messaging tone was marked with an increasing sense of urgency to spur action within the resellers by presenting a “Top 10 Resellers” table, whilst reminding them about the Grand Prize.