Online eDM Generator “eCampaign Builder”


To facilitate the sales efforts of Motorola’s channel partners, we were tasked to create user-friendly tools that channel partners can tap on to communicate to their customers about Motorola products.


Free-to-use and customizable, the e-Campaign Builder, or eCB, allows the channel partner to choose content to create eDMs to be blasted to their database. The tool gives them the flexibility to include their company details on the eDM as a form of co-branding, and ultimately helps them to generate leads.


The eCB was created to facilitate the user smoothly between pages, giving them instructions as they go along to create their eDMs. They are able to choose the content they want through a series of pre-designed eDMs available to them, and are able to add in their company logo, name and other relevant details as a sign-off.