Leads Generation DM “Security Reimagined”


As the pioneer in advance threat protection technology, FireEye sought to break into Asian markets, beginning from Hong Kong and Taiwan, with the intent to promote the need for cyber security and subsequently generate leads for their sales team.


To effectively illustrate the strategic mindset that one needs to adopt in the face of constantly evolving cyber threats, we wanted to create a DM in the form of a Chinese chess set that will serve as an impactful metaphor. The messaging will then create the link to how FireEye provides the solution with their advanced and progressive set of security tools.


We designed the chess set to be compact, user-friendly, and visually appealing. From its sleek black cover and futuristic images, users open the case to reveal a chessboard. From opposite ends of the board, users can open their individual drawers to access their chess pieces. Copy on the lids of the drawers will educate the users on the importance of FireEye to them, and, to bring home the message, the logo of FireEye is engraved on the general piece, the most important piece in Chinese chess.