F1 Fans Engagement Website “Get in on the Action”


In anticipation of the visitors drawn to Singapore by the F1 racing event in 2008, Hilton jumped on the opportunity to seize the pie in hotel stays.


Our strategy was to create a medium that engages race fans – from there, we will communicate Hilton’s range of hotels and other related race and travel information with the intent of creating engagement and conversion. The idea therefore, is to tap upon relevant media to generate traffic and push them towards the website, where they will have access to a variety of vital information, which will in turn inspire them to book hotel stays in Hilton.


With a comprehensive website, we provided race information (track layouts, driver standings), and more importantly, featured 3D rendered country maps highlighting the Hilton family of hotels around the tracks. We devised a racing game to further engage users, giving them a chance to win Grand Prix tickets and hotel stays. Website is given exposure via web banners, magazines, and newspaper wraps, and we presented the incentives within the visuals to draw traffic to play the game.