Brand Positioning Campaign “Unstoppable”


Intel has been a market leader in both the mass consumer and business processor/server market but was behind in its affinity with the Gamers. With the growing appeal in the gaming market, they saw the need to occupy leadership in the world of gaming. We wanted to appeal to this younger demographic because they are early adopters of technology, valued in their status as “tech gurus” – unofficial advisors who are in the position to influence others.


Through our research, we recognized that Gamers take on an alter-personality when they are in the world of gaming and lag time is not an option. From the initial ‘Game on’ concept which thrived on virtual reality, it evolved to today’s ‘Unstoppable’ campaign.


We develop a suite of captivating and relevant communications that ride on the gamers’ hunger for power, control and the winning-edge. The communications that we built from start canvassed beyond the iCafe and retail fronts, but also retail merchandise.

We employed zonal strategies within the premises, with a multi-tiered intent to first attract traffic, generate awareness, provide education, and finally form an influence over our audience.